visit the worldwide biggest fair for interactive electronic entertainment

Since 2009, Cologne has had the privilege of hosting the world’s largest gaming venture – Gamescom. Every year it is a highlight for the whole industry. Software and hardware producers, eSports event organizers and fair booth builders are pushing the limits to manage the huge logistic effort that enables a gathering of nearly 350.000 people - both private visitors and people of the industry – in an exhibition hall that is but 200, 000 square meters. The gaming world has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, connecting people from all parts of the earth, near and far, from all walks of life in a virtual world. But how has videogames managed to expand on such a large scale that its revenues surpass that of a Hollywood blockbuster film?

Inside Gaming will examine how the gaming industry developed and how it got to grow from a diverting amusement to a sports discipline with which pro gamers can fill huge stadiums.

  • Title: Inside Gaming
  • Genre: People & Lifestyle
  • Delivery: Nov 2016
  • Language: German, English subitles
  • Format: 1x52, HD
  • Produced by: Lupus Media, Autentic
  • Film by: Yves Schrader