Millions of people around the world live under the shadow of a volcano. We have chosen five situations that are unique among the volcano communities of the world.

Three in the world’s most volcanic country – Italy, one in Spain and one in Greece. In the shadow of Volcanoes is a 5-part series of documentaries about the threats volcanoes pose to communities, how the local people cope and the advantages they gain from living close to active volcanoes.

There are different kinds of volcanoes. Some explosive, some that are lava domes and others that are both. Far from fleeing volcanoes, human civilisations have sought the benefits of living close to these fertile mountains, despite periodical catastrophes such as the one that struck Pompeii on October 24 79 AD and continue to destroy structures and villages on Mount Etna today.

With unique access to geologists, volcanologists, agronomists, archaeologists and civil defence operatives, as well as natural, unscripted interactions with the local people residing there, we tell the story of what it is like to live in the shadow of five volcanoes.



1. Vesuvius: No Way Out
2. Campi Flegrei: The Heat Beneath
3. Etna: Living with Lava
4. Nysiros/Kos: Greek Tragedy
5. Canary Islands: Ash To Cash

  • Title: In the Shadow of Volcanoes
  • Genre: People&Culture
  • Delivery: Jul 2016
  • Language: German, English
  • Format: 5x45, HD
  • Produced by: Millstream Films, Autentic
  • Film by: Andrea Vogt, Paul Russell