How do 60 trillion cells that make up the human body govern your life

What has made up your body and how did your personality develop? What powers support your life? Why should you age and die? In each pivotal event of your life, i.e. birth, growth, puberty, aging, and death, your cells are deeply involved as major players. Your body is composed of 60 trillion, 200 kinds of cells. Their widely diverse activities that altogether govern your life are more and more becoming visualized by cutting edge bio-imaging technologies. High resolution CGIs created based on such live images will take viewers on a grand journey to explore the stunning microscopic world within the human body and discover what cellular mechanisms are working to drive a human life.

  • Title: Human Cell
  • Genre: Science & Technology
  • Delivery: Oct 2015
  • Language: German, English
  • Format: 2x45, HD
  • Produced by: NHK, Autentic, Al Arabiya News Channel, MDR
  • Film by: Petra Dahl, Mieko Yoshikawa