A risky expedition along thoroughfares that harbor mortal danger for those who use them or live on them

They run through deserts, ice and snow, deep in the jungle, along water and over mountains: the world’s most dangerous roads, truly “hot roads.” Many have died along these roads. From the Market Route in Senegal to Bangladesh, across the Sichuan-Tibet Highway and the Burma Street to the Manitoba Winter Road in Canada. Yet for lack of alternative routes, locals continue to use them for transportation. The landscapes through which these routes wind are unique and exert their never-ending fascination even on regular travelers. “Hot Roads – The World’s Most Dangerous Roads” accompanies people on adventures where the journey is its own reward, though the journey’s end is equally eagerly anticipated. It tells stories that take place along the routes itself, of the people who live along them and for whom these are part and parcel of their personal destiny. The filmmakers tag along in the driver’s seat of trucks, on the rear benches of busses and in the passenger seat of regular cars to experience the danger and beauty these roads offer from different perspectives – through the windshield and in the rear-view mirror simultaneously.


Season I - Episodes:

1. The Manahli-Leh Highway

2. The Nawabpur Road in Dhaka

3. The Adriatic Highway

4. The  Smuggler's Route in Senegal

5. The Long Road to Sibiria


Season II - Episodes:

1. The Road To Death In The Andes

2. The Racing Cyclists Of Burundi

3. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway

4. The Philippine Serpentines

5. The Canadian Ice Roads

  • Title: Hot Roads
  • Genre: Travel&Adventure, People&Culture
  • Delivery: 2009-2014
  • Language: German, English
  • Format: 10x45 HD
  • Produced by: HR I: berlin producers for ZDF/arte, HR II: Fernsehbüro in cooperation with ZDF/ARTE in Co-Production with LIC and Autentic
  • Film by: Holger Preusse, Kristian Kähler, Claus Wischmann, Caroline Haertel, Mirjana Momirovic, Adama Ulrich, Eberhard Rühle, Hannes Schuler