Experience Europe in a completely different way– but equally beautiful. Hit the Rails through Europe!

The time has come to make that Interrail trip! Take the rails for a whistle-stop tour of Europe. Meet other travellers, experience everything Europe has to offer and collect lifelong memories along the way.


We experience the trip as a young backpacker, the series is a picaresque travel guide and a celebration of Europe. Elena Horn a young and charismatic filmmaker starts her adventure in the Northern Countries of Europe and has a special way to summarise her experience. InterRail is a metaphor of life, of constantly having to make choices and jump from one train onto another. We wanted to show how the InterRail experience shapes a young woman or every young traveller, how it teaches us many different ways of life across the various countries, how we meet with love, danger and disappointment. Above all, it's a celebration of Europe - of a multicultural Europe without boundaries - and freedom.



  • Title: Hit the Rails
  • Genre: Travel&Adventure, People&Culture
  • Delivery: June 2016
  • Language: German, English
  • Format: 3x52, HD
  • Produced by: LUPUSMEDIA GmbH and Autentic
  • Film by: Elena Horn