A series about people with courage, heart and mind

Often it’s an ingenious idea, sometimes it’s just the iron will to stand on one’s own feet. In Germany almost 870.000 people founded an enterprise in 2013. Their optimism and energy, all paired with a risk capital of 10 billion euros make those people an important engine of German economy. Get Started! introduces them. Very different personalities, but all of them with the same goal: success!


1. Smartass With Heart
2. Success Without a Rush
3. Do Good and Talk About it
4. Fast Success
5. Sometimes the Unexpected Happens

  • Title: Get Started!
  • Genre: People&Culture, Lifestyle
  • Delivery: 2015
  • Language: German
  • Format: 5 x 45, HD
  • Produced by: Autentic, DHF Media Hamburg
  • Film by: Jörg Hinners, Katja-Christiane Vogler