This 5-part series explores one of the most colourful and connectional phenomena of the present: Festivals

They appear in different shapes, with a variety of music, some with heartwarming goals and messages (Exit Festival in Novi Sad), others just for fun (Obonjan Island) , but they all connect people from different nationalities around the world to come together and have a good time.

How is it to organize and manage a Festival for over 200.000 visitors and to work when all others party? How is it to be in the middle of one of the biggest Festivals in Europe and how does the vibe feel? When people from all over the globe come together to have a good time, how easy is it really to connect with strangers and make new friends? If everyone is drunken, on drugs or just carefree because of the good mood, will there be injured or overdosed people and how will they be handled? The series will give answers to all of these and more questions. Furthermore will the viewer participate and accompany Festival-Goers by their once in a lifetime experience. Cause every year has its new stories.

  • Title: Fascination Festival
  • Genre: People; Travel; Culture; Lifestyle
  • Delivery: May 2017
  • Language: German
  • Format: 5x52'
  • Produced by: smac media & cosulting; Autentic