Each of the five films features a different continent, documents the flora and fauna in a river delta and discusses the role of mankind in the preservation of nature.

River deltas are impressive landscapes in a constant state of flux. They are homes to unique biodiversity, however, due to their sensitive ecosystems, the impact of humankind has already brought irreversible changes to some existing deltas. Furthermore, it is predicted that without conscious efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, we will bring harm to other deltas across the world. Each episode show the fascinating diversity of a delta on a specific continent. From the arctic to the tropics, on the border between land and sea, we explore the deltas of our planet.


1. Yukon Delta – The Arctic Wilderness
2. Ebro-Delta – The Green Jewel
3. Rhine-Meuse Delta –The Land of Canals
4. Amazon Delta – The Healing Tropics
5. Irrawaddy Delta – The Magical World of Mangroves

  • Title: Deltas of the World
  • Genre: Nature, Wildlife, People
  • Delivery: Jun 2018
  • Language: English, French
  • Format: 5x45', 5x52'
  • Produced by: Filmtank, Apollofilm, Autentic, arte