We accompany collectors and pioneers on their search for opulent delicacies. In the culinary world there are products known as “gold” and they are just as expensive.

The “black gold”, the truffle has only recently been found in Germany and since its discovery swarms of truffle hunters have consistently made the journey to the Black Forest with tools to scour the dirt and dogs to track the intense smell of the mushroom.

The “red gold”, the saffron actually grows in the Orient. However, it was found that the delicacy could also be cultivated in a small Swiss village nestled by the mountains. After intensive manual labour, a yearly harvest of up to 2 kilos is produced from the area and then subjected to strict quality control.

  • Title: Culinary Treasures
  • Genre: Food, People, Lifestyle
  • Delivery: Sep 2017
  • Language: German, English subs EP1
  • Format: 3x52'
  • Produced by: smac media, Autentic