The four-part series " Borderland " looks behind particular subjects in a normal border life, and portrays people who deliberately moved close to the frontier or those who always lived there. Since the foundation of the European Union and with the Schengen Agreement coming into effect, Germany’s outer borders are no sharp dividing lines between Germany and its neighbours anymore.

But still many differences on both sides of the borders remain. What is life like in these regions? Is there an exchange between both? Do the inhabitants of these areas nowadays profit from the closeness to the border or do the borders still devide instead of connect?

The four part series “Borderland” searches for the special with help of the normal. It is portrays people who intentionally live in the borderland and those who always have lived there.


  • Title: Border Stories
  • Genre: People&Culture
  • Delivery: Dec 2015
  • Language: German
  • Format: 4x45, HD
  • Produced by: Die Herren Fernsehen, Autentic
  • Film by: Jörg Hinners, Katja-Christiane Vogler