The Neuwerk is the largest multi-purpose ship of the German Federal Coast Guard

The ship called “Neuwerk”, which is based in Helgoland, is the largest multi-purpose ship in the German Federal Coast Guard. With nearly 80 meter in length and 18, 63 meter in width, it is the biggest ship of the four, tasked to ensure security in the North- and Baltic-Sea.

 Like its sister ships, the Neuwerk works around the clock - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a shift on board normally lasts up to 12 hours. Every time the phone rings, something has happened. This can take any shape and form. Whether there is an emergency breakdown or an overturn of barrels with unknown contents, for whatever emergency within two hours the Neuwerk is on the scene.

 "As long as ships are cruising, we will be needed", says the captain, "because the main cause for accidents is human failure."

  • Title: Angels of the North Sea
  • Genre: People; Culture
  • Delivery: Nov 2016
  • Language: German, English subitles
  • Format: 1x52, HD
  • Produced by: DHF, Autentic