The 15th meridian east connects people from the most different countries by the same time zone. Follow people from Spitsbergen, Poland and Namibia around the clock and experience different lives.

The landscapes along the 15th meridian east are highly contrasting: from icy wastelands, to vast rainforests, to shimmering deserts and lush green pastures. People, animals and plants have had to adapt to the climate challenges, find solutions to daily challenges and adjust to the different regions. But one fact links them: their time zone. We show you the natives of these dynamic zones who live from their natural environs. Discover the challenges, dream and hopes of the people living along this geographical nexus.

1. Wild Life, Gentle Nature
2. The Raw Wilderness
3. Sow, Harvest, Eat – Our Conservatory
4. From Generation to Generation
5. Our Future

  • Title: 15th Meridian East - Similarity in Difference
  • Genre: Wildlife, Nature, People
  • Delivery: Jun 2018
  • Language: English, German, French
  • Format: 5 x 52'
  • Produced by: DM Film, Autentic, Arte