S1: 2015, S2: 2016
S1: 4 x 45', S2: 4 x 45' (GER)

See the opportunities and challenges of living in a border region.

Since the European Schengen Agreement, the borders have been open. This four-part series shows how life in the German border regions has changed. We accompany local people in their everyday lives. What does open border mean for cultural life? How has professional life changed? Where are the opportunities and challenges in a boader land? We have asked people who will know.

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  1. Season 1

    1. The Blessing of Open Borders; 2. The Good that Lies so Near; 3. Bad People are Everywhere; 4. Home away from Home

  2. Season 2

    1. The Intouchables – A French-German Friendship?; 2. Switzerland – Crossing the EU-Border; 3. Border Region Benelux – The Heart of Europe; 4. Career Boost – Opportunities of Border Regions


  • Original Title
    Grenzgebiete – Deutschlands Nachbarn
  • Year
    S1: 2015, S2: 2016
  • Length
    S1: 4 x 45', S2: 4 x 45' (GER)
  • Resolution
  • Film by
    Jörg Hinners, Katja-Christiane Vogler
  • Produced by