Fascination Festivals

5 x 52' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)

This five-part series explores one of the most colourful and connectional phenomena of the present: Festivals.

People, Music and mass hypnosis – music festivals are taking the world by storm. We are going the every growing Hype festival to explore the dynamic ways in which festivals are organized. What does it entail organizing and managing a festival for over 200.000 visitors? What’s it like to be in the middle of one of the biggest festivals in Europe? The series will give answers to these questions and show you how easy it is to make new friends and let loose. Come accompany the festival-goers on their once in a lifetime experience.

They appear in different shapes, with a variety of music, some with heartwarming goals and messages (Exit Festival in Novi Sad), others just for fun (Obonjan Island), but they all connect people from different nationalities around the world to come together and have a good time.
We will hoof it with the festival goers, camp out, dance till we drop and take cold showers with strangers – anything to create an authentic experience. The series will show you how to be carefree and to let loose with no worries and will give you a never before look at the techno scene.

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  1. Solar Weekend

  2. Sziget Festival

  3. Melt!

  4. Obanjan Island Festival

  5. Snowbomb


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    5 x 52' (GER, 1 Ep ENG subs)
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    Felix Parson
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