Global Brigades

45' (GER, ENG subs)

A group of students travels to Nicaragua to help improve the conditions in a small village. Will they be able to make a change?

Global Brigade is the largest NGO run by students that focuses on global development aid. It works closely with many language schools and as a result it is constantly gaining student volunteers. In this film we follow one student group on their journey. They assist the citizens with the construction of sanitary facilities or improve and develop other essential buildings. As soon as they arrive, they are confronted with extreme physical work and great social and cultural differences. This documentary shows how young adults can make a change in a country that is far away from home.

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  • Original Title
    Helfen in der Ferne
  • Year
  • Length
    45' (GER, ENG subs)
  • Resolution
  • Film by
    Johannes Maierbacher, Nikolas Ibrahim
  • Produced by