In the age of terrorist threats and a growing risk of natural disasters, security is becoming an increasing challenge.

Japan was always particularly vulnerable to environmental phenomena. That’s why Japan constantly works to develop AI-based emergency response systems. These innovations are aimed at earning Tokyo the title “The World’s Safest City” by the 2020 Olympic Games. Latest technologies will be put to the real stress test at the Tokyo Marathon in February 2019. What weaknesses do the systems display and how can constant surveillance be squared with the privacy rights of the individual? We follow security staffer Yoshi, high-tech developer Tanashi and hobby runner Christina before and during the marathon.

  • Title: Tokio 2020 - Der Preis der Sicherheit
  • Genre: SCIENCE
  • Release: 2019
  • Format: 45' (ENG, GER, FRE)
  • Produced by: Autentic, BR, arte