The Animal Within

6 x 45' (ENG, GER)

We examine how animals have evolved over the course of time and analyze how we can benefit from their evolution.

Nature has manufactured the perfect machines. Eons of beta testing has gone into them: animal versus animal, versus element, and even alongside humans. In the end, only the fastest, toughest, and most cunning creatures have endured. What’s under the hood of these incredible critters? What does it take to make them top performers, and, even more exciting; what can we learn to make us better, from these creatures who’ve been perfected over the ages?

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  1. The Regenerators

    Does the animal kingdom hold the key to immortality? When humans are injured, we have the benefit of medicine and surgery surgeons. But these skills pale in comparison to nature’s super healers. Some creatures have evolved to literally regrow parts of themselves.

  2. The Sensitives

    Humans navigate the world with five senses but we sometimes forget there are aspects of this world we can’t see, smell, feel, touch, or taste. But some creatures can sense what humans cannot - from animals like the red fox and sea turtle that use the earth’s magnetism to get around, to those who can feel seismic vibrations like elephants.

  3. The Speed Demons

    While humans measure and obsess over how to achieve speed in even greater quantities, for Earth’s creatures who’ve had to adapt and evolve to achieve acceleration abilities it often means the difference between life and death. They give new definition to the need for speed.

  4. The Builders

    Creating and constructing for centuries, humans aren’t the only animals built to build. Though the process differs greatly across species, nature’s architects hold secrets we can only dream of unlocking. While most animals survive the harsh environment thrown at them, nature's builders have evolved to dictate their own habitat.

  5. The Strongmen

    The human species has long admired strength and power. While we push beyond our own physical capabilities, using science and technology, the animal kingdom has evolved their bodies to achieve incredible things that humans simply dream of. Meet some of nature’s toughest!

  6. The Chemists

    Once we unlocked the secrets of chemistry, we felt we were masters of the Earth. But looking at these animals, it dawns that we’re vastly outdone by a superior engineer. Nature's chemists inspire us to dream of a potential future we might attain.

Festivals & Awards

  • 2020 SCINEMA International Film Festival

    * nominated : Best Documentary / Film


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    The Animal Within
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  • Length
    6 x 45' (ENG, GER)
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  • Film by
    Daniel Oron
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  • Partners
    Spiegel TV Wissen, ntv
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    Trailer - English