The series follows salvage teams as they deploy to the scenes of maritime disasters to solve the biggest engineering challenges

When all seems lost, something can be saved. "The Salvagemasters" series follows salvage teams as they deploy to the scenes of maritime disasters to solve the biggest engineering challenges on the high seas today.

Season 1

In Tuscany, a South African tackles the massive cruise ship Costa Concordia. In beautiful Sicily, a family of Italian salvagemasters sections and removes a tanker threatening a natural marine park near the UNESCO world heritage site of Syracuse. In the frozen north, the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk, which sank in the year 2000 with 118 sailors aboard, is miraculously lifted from the bottom of the Barents Sea by a team of Dutch and Russian salvage masters and engineers. With ever larger vessels passing through the North Sea's channels, the government of The Netherlands orders Dutch salvagemasters to clean out of the dozens of shipwrecks that obstruct these windy and treacherous sea routes.

Season 2

Follow salvage masters of salvage companies large and small. Jean Godeanu, of Aqua Blue Diving will raise the Fortuna S, together with the teams of Smit and Mammoet who raised the Tricolor car transport have now been called upon by the Rijkwaaterstaat of Holland to cut up and take away the Baltic ace. Jim Bruseth who raised the 17th century French Frigate La Belle, wrecked off the coast of Texas marking the end to France's dream of an American Colony in the West. The spectacular splash down of the European Space Agency Experimental Re-entry Vehicle in the Pacific Ocean is maybe the most extraordinary salvage. The Neri brothers of Livorno will recover IXV from the sea. Their specially designed tugboat, will haul the European space ship aboard and take it home after its brief space flight.

Season 3

In October of 2015, the El Fargo cargo ship disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle during a deadly Atlantic storm. On the 18th of April 2015, more than 700 children women and men from Africa drowned in the worst tragedy of the migrant crisis. An unforgiving Atlantic storm in August 2016 caught a lowly tug by surprise as it towed a massive oil rig on its last journey before destruction. The sea has always been an unpredictable mistress and these tragedies are but a few casualties of her temper tantrums. The third season of Salvagemasters is upon us and we bring to you the behind scenes footage of three (3) of the most current losses at sea. Join us as the Salvagemasters unearth the truth.

High-end 3-D graphics explain the science and mega engineering behind every salvage project. With unique access on board the ships and stunning aerial drone footage of the locations at sea, this series offers viewers a thrilling and personal voyage with today's cowboys of the high seas: The Salvagemasters.


Season 1:
1. Costa Concordia
2. Masters of the Kursk
3. SOS Syracuse

4.Ariane and her Sisters

Season 2:
1. Splash Down - Recovering the IXV
2. Raising La Belle
3. Cabo de Hornos
4. Wild South African Coast

Season 3:

1. Transocean Winner
2. The Migrant Boat
3. The World Trade Center Ship
4. The El Faro Sinking
5. Raising Maud

  • Title: Die Schiffsretter
  • Genre: PEOPLE
  • Additional Genres: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY
  • Release: 2013-2017
  • Language: English, German
  • Format: 13 x 45' (ENG, GER)
  • Produced by: Millstream Films, Autentic